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Swedish Speaking Lessons Online


Hello there!
Are you planing or already moved to Sweden?

My name is Jörgen Lindberg, a native swedish guy who has helped a number of a number of Turkish specialist doctors with how to speak Swedish. These aimed to move from Turkey to Sweden in order to work within their profession. To do this, a doctor must pass a so-called C test that includes Swedish in writing, reading comprehension, hearing comprehension and speaking Swedish.

The 7 doctors that I have practiced with so far have all passed their test. They now live and work as doctors, among others in Umeå, Gothenburg, Norrköping and Karlstad. For a realistic speech training, you who want to practice speaking with me should have undergone or started with B1 level in a Swedish course. We work together using Skype and plan a schedule at the first meeting online. Normally, about 20 lessons are needed to get a good foundation, each lesson being one hour.

If you are interested, please contact me here!

Until then, have a really nice  day!

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